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Continuous Form

Kertas Continuous Form atau biasa disebut juga kertas
komputer. Kertas Continuous Form adalah suatu jenis kertas
cetak /kertas komputer yang berkesinambungan / berkelanjutan
yang biasa disebut sheet

Register Roll

Hi Print dan Go Print maupun
blank, paper roll, register roll, thermal roll, jasa pemotongan
kertas, dan trading kertas. Jenis kertas continuous form yang
kami produksi meliputi invoice, surat jalan, faktur pajak,
slip gaji, pin mailer, label sticker dan lain sebagainya


About us

Tunas Dunia Kertasindo (TDK) is a full-service printing company specialized in Continuous-Form and Register Roll Printing.

Continuous Form

Continuous Paper Form or also called computer paper. The Continuous Form paper is a continuous / sustainable continuous paper / paper type called sheet with a downward-sloping hole on the right and left so that a continuous form of paper can be pulled through a dotmatrix printer that has a tractor-feed.

Register Roll

Register Roll or Paper Roll Products provides the total solution for receipt paper rolls and related consumable products. Comprehensive programs are available for all industry segments including Hospitality, Convenience, Retail, Credit Card, Self-service (Kiosk, ATM and Self-checkout), Banking, Library, and Parking.

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Our Clients

We work with companies large and small, including some of Indonesia’s top 100 brands.