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Continuous Form

Continuous Form Paper or also called computer paper. The Continuous Form paper is a continuous / sustainable continuous paper / paper type called sheet with a downward-sloping hole on the right and left so that a continuous form of paper can be pulled through a dotmatrix printer that has a tractor-feed.

Continuous paper is a paper form that can be used on a dotmatric printer. The Continuous Form paper is commonly known to the public as computer paper, dotmatrix paper, carbon printer paper, multi-ply paper because the Continuous Paper Form uses carbon between layers of paper, and some carbon-inserted paper.

The type of continuous paper we produce; Invoice, Tax Invoice, Delivery Order, Salary Slip, Mailer Pin, and more.

Register Roll

Register Roll or Paper Roll Products provides the total solution for receipt paper rolls and related consumable products. Comprehensive programs are available for all industry segments including Hospitality, Convenience, Retail, Credit Card, Self-service (Kiosk, ATM and Self-checkout), Banking, Library, and Parking.

Register Roll uses several types of paper, such as: HVS, NCR/Carbonless, and Thermal. We stock a full line of thermal, carbonless and bond paper rolls. We also offer custom printed paper rolls which include logos, return policies, security features and ticketing.

Paper Cutting Services ( Sheeter / Rewinder )

We also accept paper cutting services for various types of paper.

Sheeter – paper cutting service from roll-shaped to sheet according to the size requested by the customer.

Rewinder – paper cutting service from roll to roll, to fit the size requested by the customer.